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Apodo is a first-of-its-kind Python web server that is as easy to use as an internal development server, but optimized to the point where it can function as a production server. It's a pain to deal with extra server configurations, so it aims to eliminate those issues/steps and make the development and deployment pipeline much smoother and faster.
Domi is a super-simple Python web microframework (powered by default by the Apodo server) that, just like Apodo, aims to make development and deployment extremely fast and easy. It's also super-powered by Cython and other optimized conventions so your apps can run quicker than anything else!
Kolla is a hyper-optimized Python HTTP parser powered by the Node team's llhttp C parser library. It's upgraded to handle HTTP/2 and Web Socket protocols!

Ergal is a lightweight library I developed to make heavy API use easier to handle.

The library automatically saves API profiles the user creates in a local SQLite3 database. The Profile interface can then be used to manage and call on those API profiles.

ergal is currently in version 1.1.2. Check the project out on GitHub to learn more or submit an issue/feature request.

    import ergal

    profile = ergal.Profile(
        'My API', base='https://my.api')

        'basic', username='me', password='secret')
        'Posts', '/posts', 'get', auth=True)


Aperio is an experimental library I wrote that allows virtually unlimited Google Drive storage.

The library splits file data into base64 and loads it sequentially into a Google Sheet, the footprint of which does not count against your Google Drive storage quota. Keep in mind that this is not intended for mass storage, and Google reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account abusing its services. Use at your own risk.

Aperio is currently in version 0.1.0. Check the project out on GitHub to learn more or submit an issue/feature request.

    import aperio

    client = aperio.Client(credentials)

    # Building/uploading a file
    file ='path/to/file')
    r = await client.upload(file)

    # Downloading/exporting a file
    r, d = await client.get('fil_id')
    file = aperio.rebuild(r, d)
Smartian Space is a microservice-based web ecosystem that I built to support scalability and efficiency in our internal IT architecture. As of right now, I have built 4 microservices and 5 web interfaces that work together to increase the effectiveness of our revenue organization, and that list is growing.
SmartFinder is a web tool that syncs with Salesforce to enable fast and easy account enrichment by implementing effective contact data integrations and helpful automations.
SmartSheets is a web tool that enables enrichment and management of large data projects based in Google Sheets by implementing fast and simple integrations and automations.
SmartReport is a web platform that drives sales conversations with effective display of applicant experience data, with a robust analytics layer built into the backend for benchmarking and studies.
SmartSpy is a web platform used to collect, track, and manage competitive intelligence data collected within the organization, and by automated processes. (v2) is an advanced CLI for SmartRecruiters instance management. This version is a significantly improved iteration of the first, featuring better code structure, refactored abstracts, and faster implementations.